MT6120-SP Polarising for Fibre Identification

Product Description:

MT6100 series asbestos PLM microscopes for fibre identification. Strain Free Plan objectives.

Product Details:

Product: Description:

Binocular polarising asbestos microscope (PLM), complete with KHW10XCP eyepiece with cross line graticule, MA936 Strain Free Plan 10X and MA936D Strain Free Plan Dispersion Staining 10X objectives.

Phase Contrast Dispersion Staining:

MT Series PLM asbestos microscopes use the phase contrast method for dispersion staining and include a condenser with centerable phase slider for its annulus dispersion staining objectives. This technique requires that the analyser and compensator be withdrawn, the illumination increased, and the dispersion objective with phase ring in the back focal plane be inserted together with the corresponding phase annulus in the condenser.


Different colours will be observed when the fibre is oriented parallel or perpendicular to the vibration / polariser direction. This method is easier to interpret than the objective stop method used by the older ML Series due to the presence of two complementary colours in the same image, so that the wavelength of the refractive index match can be more closely determined.


Below are photos of results using the different methods. Further details are available in the following guide: Asbestos: The analysts’ guide for sampling, analysis and clearance procedures


Asbestos samples for Phase Contrast Dispersion Staining



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