Replacement Bulbs

Light bulbs in microscope illuminators need to be replaced periodically. The bulbs on this page are most commonly used in Meiji Techno illumination systems. Some older models or specialised microscopes may use bulbs that are not listed here. If you cannot find the correct bulb, please contact us and our technical support staff will assist you. For information on Lamp Safety, Handling and Disposal click here.


N.B. Do not rely on the size of these images to determine which bulb you need, they are not to scale.

N.B. Incident light shines down from above; transmitted light shines up through the specimen from below.

MA111 bulb

12V 10W


Incident light: ST-3, SKT-1B, SKT-2B, SKT-3B, GS2000


Incident & transmitted light: SKT-BT, SKT-2BT, SKT-3BT


Transmitted light: STC-3

MA260-05 bulb

6V 20W Halogen


For MA260, MA264H, and MA264EX illuminators

MA261-SL-20 bulb

220/240V 20W


For “B” Stand and MA261-35 (TM200 Series illuminator)

MA263-05 / MA263-10 bulb

220/240V 30W


For MA263 illuminators

MA264-05 bulb

6.5V 2.75A


For MA264 illuminators

MA275-05 bulb

12V 50W


For ML5000 Series 50W models; ML7500, ML8500
All MT7500, MT8500 series.

MA305-05 bulb

8W Ring Fluorescent


For MA305/100, MA305/200 ring fluorescent illuminators

MA309-05 bulb

4W Tube Fluorescent


For MA309 fluorescent box illuminators for GEM stand

MA326 bulb

6V 30W Halogen


For ML2000 and ML5000 Series 30W models; all VT Series Models; IM7100, IM7200, ML2000, ML7000, ML8000, ML9000, all MT Series 30W models; all RZT & RZDT Stands

MA350-10 bulb

220/240V 30W


For GEM stand transmitted light

MA560 bulb

6V 1.2A Tungsten


Incident light: AB, ABZ, PB Stands
All BM/BMK Series models

MA561 bulb

6V 1.2A Tungsten


Transmitted light: AB, ABZ, PB StandsNote: MA560 and MA561 may appear to be identical, but they are not interchangeable.

MA570 bulb

6V 10W Halogen


Incident & transmitted light: ABE, ABH, ABZH, PBH Stands

FL180-70 / FL150-70 bulb

21V 150W Halogen


For Fiber Optic Light sources: All FT190 and FL150 Series

Arc Lamps

HBO 100W Mercury DC Arc Lamp


TC5000 Series & MT6000 Series equipped with Epi-Fluorescence Lamphouses

Arc Lamps

XBO 75W Xenon DC Arc Lamp


TC5000 Series & MT6000 Series equipped with Epi-Fluorescence Lamphouses

Arc Lamps

XBO 100W Xenon DC Arc Lamp


TC5000 Series & MT6000 Series equipped with Epi-Fluorescence Lamphouses

Tips on extending bulb life

Bulbs have a rough life in a microscope: burning in an enclosed area for hours on end with a finite lifetime, the effects of too much heat and not enough ventilation, DC current from the dimmer circuit slowly thinning the metal of the filament. And with bulbs nowadays being manufactured more and more cheaply, the cumulative effect is not good for bulb longevity.


If the bulb is halogen or DC Arc Lamp type, DO NOT TOUCH THE GLASS with your bare hands when installing bulbs. Use the plastic bag it comes in to install the bulb. DO NOT jar or bump or run your scope in an environment that has excessive vibration. Turn your scope off if you do not need it on. Some bulbs have a rated life of only 100 – 200 hours so if you use your scope full time, be prepared to use bulbs.


Halogen bulbs in microscopes and fiber optic light sources can also have problems if the socket is worn out; i.e. the connection cannot sink enough heat away from the bulb and/or the electrical connection is weak. If your scope is an old workhorse who’s starting to eat bulbs, check the bulb socket out for poor contact and discoloration of the contact. The bi-pin type bulb should push stiffly into the socket. If not, or if it wobbles around excessively, the socket is too old and needs replacement.