Dual arm fibre optic illuminator


Annular fibre optic system


LED ring light, with segmentation and intensity controls. Internal diameter: 60mm


Fluorescent tube ring light, internal diameter: 60mm


This Dual LED illuminator has two flex & stay arms and LED light units with intensity control


MRL-LED-R1E – 6 point LED illuminator with intensity control, internal diameter: 40mm

MRL-LED-R1EP – Polariser for MRL-LED-R1E
MRL-LED-R2E – 8 point LED illuminator with intensity control, internal diameter: 60mm
MRL-LED-R2EP – Polariser for MRL-LED-R2E


This diffuse illuminator incorporates a ring of 120 LEDs, which reflect onto a white dome giving completely shadow free incident illumination. Readily attachable to most stereomicroscopes, the internal diameter of the reflector is 60mm.

LED Fibre Optic Illuminator – High Intensity

This high intensity light source with intensity control gives a maximum light output of 1000 lumens.

(Pictured with ring light MFO-230)


MFO-LED24 – LED light source
MFO-210 – Focusing Lens
MFO-211 – Single arm, fully flexible 1m
MFO-220 – Twin arm flex & stay guide
MFO221 – Single arm flex & stay guide
MFO-230 – Continuous ring light
MFO-231 – Continuous ring light 40mm